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This is an automatically generated* index of old Atari ST disks having been rescued from extinction. They've been preserved on a GreaseWeazle connected to a refurbished Sony MPF920-E floppy drive, as SuperCard Pro (.scp) flux images. Additionally, the HxC software suite has generated an .msa image for those cases where a sane FAT table has been found, otherwise the conversion was made to Pasti (.stx). Disk labels have been transcribed, but you can also scroll through the FAT contents in case the label might not be correct. Finally, Hatari has been launched (STE, 1.62) for each image, to grab an automatic screenshot. If that screen was just the regular desktop, the contents were then opened into a window.

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Andy collection - "Original games and a complete lack of labels"

Bosna collection part 1 - "nobody needs this many games"

Bosna collection part 2 - "nobody needs this many games"

Bosna collection part 3 - "lots of games, some utils"

Copenhagen collection part 1/3 - "The PD adventure game library"

Copenhagen collection part 2/3 - "The PD adventure games continued"

Copenhagen collection part 3/3 - "Cover disks and utilities"

Crystalic collection - "demos and sources"

Friberg collection - "Mostly games"

Goto80 collection part 1/2 - "Demos, games, utilities, pics, sounds and mods"

Goto80 collection part 2/2 - "Demos, games and lots of mods"

Lerberget collection - "PD, Shareware and commercial"

Osby collection - "Games of the 80s"

Scania collection - "Games and apps from the 80s"

Total number of disk images in the archives: 2552

*) "Automatically generated" means that there's no quality control. These images are as they were on the disk collections, and some are surely broken in various ways.